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Pocket Proxy - Portable Proxy Server

We have just developed and released a Wi-Fi proxy server, for the iPhone and iPod Touch called Pocket Proxy. Pocket Proxy is a highly-anonymous HTTP proxy server, that you can carry around in your back pocket. In essence, it is a portable, personal, proxy server.

Image this: Bob is at home in California, and Jim is in New York. Bob isn't allowed to access site XYZ on his network. So, Bob calls Jim and tells Jim to turn on his Pocket Proxy. Jim turns on Pocket Proxy and configures his router. Bob can now set up his Firefox or Google Chrome browsers to use Jim's Pocket Proxy to browse site XYZ, all the way from California!

Here at Netwurk Solutions, we have created a portable Wi-Fi Highly-Anonymous HTTP Proxy Server for the IPhone and IPod Touch. With Pocket Proxy, you can own your very own HTTP Proxy server, and simply carry it in your pocket.

Available for purchase from iTunes at: Pocket Proxy

The setup:
1.) Turn on pocket proxy
2.) Configure your wireless router to allow connections to your Pocket Proxy
3.) Deliver Pocket Proxy’s connection information to your client

1.) Pocket Proxy works best with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.
2.) Pocket Proxy was designed as an HTTP proxy server only.
3.) Pocket Proxy can only use your Wi-Fi connection, due to cellular network configurations
4.) Disable the key locking function on your IPhone, so Pocket proxy can maintain an available Wi-Fi connection

Update: We've gone Global! Pocket Proxy goes Global

If you don’t know what a proxy server is, I suggest reading about proxy servers on Wikipedia. If you don’t know how to configure your Firefox or Chrome browsers, check our Help & Support Section